Session Description
Lecture will provide learners with the knowledge of the newly required items needed to update WedAds on a yearly basis. The annual reporting cycle of Web ADS is central to the role of a program administrator, and proficiency is required in order to maintain accreditation status and avoid citations. We will provide a hands-on tutorial for navigating and annual updates in ACGME Web ADS, sharing best practices and recommendations for successful reporting. In addition, ACGME has made significant revisions to Web ADS during the most recent academic year, requiring programs to provide reporting in additional content areas, which we will review and discuss during this session.

Session Objectives
1. Learn best practice when entering yearly information into ADS.
2. Understand where the information inputted into ADS derives from.
3. Review recent revisions to the annual update.

Session Speaker
Andrea J. Hadcock, C-TAGME – SUNY Upstate Medical University at Syracuse
Emilie K. Foltz, MBA – University of South Florida
Candice J. Hankins – Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Olivia Podolsky, MBA – New York University

Tutorial Content