November 2023 Virtual Check In
Race and Racism in Research: What Role Can a PD Play? TRT 43:53
Debasree Banerjee, MD and Dharani Narendra, MD

Debasree Banerjee, MD and Dharani Narendra, MD discuss the roots of race and racism in research and explore what role Program Directors can play in impacting future research. 

Dr. Debasree Banerjee, MD, FCCP
Dr. Banerjee is an Assistant Professor of Medicine. She completed her medical training at Brown University. She is a medical interventionist and clinician educator. Her research interests include how race and racism affect patient care and the culture of academic medicine.  

Dr. Dharani Narendra, MD, FCCP
Dr. Dharani Narendra is an Assistant Professor of Medicine who joined Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas. Dr. Narendra currently serves as CCM Fellowship Program Director.  Dr. Narendra specializes in airway disorders, ARDS, and medical education.

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