Description: Until recently, Zoom and other videoconferencing applications have been of peripheral importance to the clinician-educator, perhaps used periodically to attend a meeting remotely. Likewise, most of us have, on occasion, attended or perhaps delivered a “webinar” and have often found the experience to be an inadequate substitute for live presentations or face-to-face small group instruction. It has been broadly and long acknowledged that videoconferencing software would revolutionize clinical education in some vague future, but adaptation and the acquisition of virtual presentation skills have been slow. COVID-19 changed everything. Whether reluctantly or enthusiastically, we have all quickly transitioned to using videoconferencing as a primary education platform. In this presentation, I will share tactics and tips to elevate the quality of your Zoom educational presentations.

Presenter: Dr. Bart Besinger in an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Indiana University. He is a full-time clinician educator with interest in medical student education, faculty development, and the art of the didactic presentation.

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