According to ACGME requirements IV.A.5.c).(8) and (V.A.2.b).(1).(c).(iii)), fellows must “participate in the education of patients, families, students, fellows and other health professionals and the program must use performance data to assess each fellow in teaching skills involving peers and patients. Furthermore, a survey performed by Dr. Anna Brady of pulmonary and critical care fellows showed that over 70% of fellows want instruction on how to teach. At the conclusion of the hour-long small group session, attendees will be able to: 1. Recite the importance of assessing fellows’ teaching capacity 2. Identify key adult learning principles that drive assessment of medical education and instruction 3. Create assessment tools for various teaching domains including bedside teaching and didactic or “chalk talk” teaching. Peter Lenz, MD, MEd Associate Professor of Medicine University of Cincinnati Mathew Miles, MD, MEd Assistant Professor of Medicine Wake Forest University