Session Description
In the last decade, medical education has moved to a competency-based model with a focus on outcomes rather than content, and knowledge application over acquisition. Assessments have also changed from summative and norm-referenced, to formative and criterion-referenced, with entrustability scales. Narrative assessment is an important component of trainee assessment due to its ability to provide granular information to justify quantitative ratings or facilitate trainee improvement, yet many evaluations are lacking in comments or constructive feedback. This session will highlight best practices in narrative assessment as well as strategies for providing faculty development on this topic.

Session Objectives
1. Describe features of high-quality narrative assessment.
2. Develop a framework for providing narrative assessment that is specific and provides learners with actionable suggestions for improved performance.
3. Create a faculty development workshop at your own institution on how to improve narrative assessment.

Session Speakers
Başak Çoruh, MD
University of Washington
Hugo Carmona, MD
University of Washington
Anna K. Brady, MD
Oregon Health & Science University
Marin McCutcheon, MD, MPH
Oregon Health & Science University

Tutorial Content