Session Description
Several training programs offer tracks or pathways with additional experience in specific areas, such as a clinical specialty, research, global health, and medical education. A structured track can provide salient training and mentorship in respective areas and is appealing for trainees. However, the process of developing such tracks and determining their components can be challenging. This workshop helps to identify the advantages and disadvantages to having tracks and further provides clarity on their development and components, which could then be individualized to each program.

Session Objectives
1. Determine the need and value of tracks within the fellowship program.
2. Understand the curricular elements that are needed to define a distinct and useful training track.
3. Discuss challenges encountered during track development.

Session Speakers
Moderator: Van K. Holden, MD
University of Maryland
David Schulman, MD, MPH (Clinical Pathway)
Emory University
Asha Anandaiah MD (Clinician Educator Pathway)
Massachusetts General Hospital/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Henry Fessler, MD (Research Pathway)
Johns Hopkins University
Max O’Donnell MD, MPH (Global Health)
Columbia University Medical Center

Tutorial Content