August Virtual Check-In: Journal Club and Author Q&A – Samuel Dickey, MD and Sarah Hochendoner, MD

Samuel Dickey, MD

Dr. Samuel Dickey received his bachelor’s degree in Biology from the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC and then received his Medical Doctorate from the Medical University of Carolina. Following this, he completed Internal Medicine residency at the Medical University of South Carolina, and after finally moving from Charleston, SC for the first time, he is currently in his second year of pulmonary and critical care fellowship at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. He is interested in becoming a clinician educator and is currently involved in curriculum development and implementation in efforts to continue to improve the MICU curriculum at University of Maryland Medical Center.

Sarah Hockendoner, MD

Dr. Sarah Hochendoner completed her internal medicine residency training at Brown University. She is currently a third year pulmonary and critical care medicine fellow at Penn State, serving as chief fellow. Her scholarly interests include end of life care and communication in the ICU.

Articles Discussed:

  • “Characteristics of Effective Teachers of Invasive Bedside Procedures: A Multi-institutional Qualitative Study”
    • Author Q&A- Diana Kelm, MD; Mayo Clinic
  • “Communication as a High-Stakes Clinical Skill: “Just-in-Time” Simulation and Vicarious Observational Learning to Promote Patient- and Family-Centered Care and to Improve Trainee Skill”
    • Author Q&A- Laura Rock, MD; Harvard Medical School

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