Session Description
Change is a constant. Disruption is occurring at a pace and scale that is unprecedented in modern history–from emerging technologies, advances in diagnostics and therapeutics, and a pandemic that has turned the world on its head–and leaders are struggling to cope. The concepts of IQ and EQ are not new and are considered important to career success. However, as change becomes the norm and redefines how we work, the skills needed to thrive in the workplace are evolving as well. The Adaptability quotient, or AQ, is a subjective set of qualities loosely defined as the ability to pivot and thrive in an environment of fast and frequent change. AQ is how one stays successful over time. In this session, we will describe and define AQ and learn how to adopt and apply these skill sets to our programs and our trainees.

Session Objectives
1. Explain and describe the adaptability quotient.
2. Discuss how adaptability can influence performance and achievement and how to foster an adaptive mindset.
3. Apply these concepts to improving our own leadership skills as well as those of our trainees.

Session Speaker
May M. Lee, MD
University of Southern California

Tutorial Content